The use of part time spies by MI6


4 April 1991
The Guardian
Richard Norton-Taylor


  • has used businessmen and tried to use journalists as freelance contacts, or what it calls "approved unofficial agents" 
  • "successive governments have maintained the fiction that it does not exist in peacetime; thus it cannot be held to account, and can deny everything" 
  • MI6 has an officer attached to most large embassies abroad 
  • Embassys go to lengths to disguise their agents 
  • Most host countries know exactly who they are 
  • Known to have placed agents in banks abroad, and in companies which have branches in locations where there is no official government presence 
  • "Persuaded the Observer newspaper to take on Kim Philby as its Beirut correspondent after his fellow Soviet agents, Guy Burgess and Donald Maclean, fled to Moscow in 1951." 
  • Its use of outsiders is well known.
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