CCTV images from Hotel Pestana Alvor Park

538 to 540—Letter re analysis of CCTV images from Hotel Pestana Alvor Park

Exmo Sr. Inspector Chefe,

No passado dia 12 Malo 07 foi cedida pelo hotel Pestana Alvor Park a dois inspectores da Policia Judiciaria, uma cassetede video com a gravacao do dia 3 Malo 07.  Visto que ate ao momento nao fol devolvida e uma vez que nao foi efectuado qualquer registo sobre a cedencia do equipamento, gostaria que solicatar V/ informacao sobre a devolucao da mesma.

Sem outro assunto de momento e agradecendo desde ja a atencao dispensada,

Com os nossos melhores cumprimentos

Suzana Gaspar
Pestana Alvor Park Hotel

Suzana Gaspar Portimão, Faro (Portugal)

Dear Mr. Chief Superintendent,

On 12 Malo 07 was provided by the Pestana Alvor Park two Police inspectors, a cassetede with video recording 3 days Malo 07. Since up to now not fol returned and once there has been no record of any transfer of the equipment, I would like solicatar V / information about repayment of the same.

No other issue at the moment and Thank you for your attention,

Yours sincerely
Susana Gaspar
Pestana Alvor Park Hotel


Quinta do Ribeiro
8501-904 Alvor
Tel: (+351) 28 200 05 00, Fax: (+351) 28 200 05 98, email:
The Pestana Alvor Park offers one restaurant and one bar, with a warm and relaxing atmosphere, located in the swimming pool area.

Pestana Alvor Park are situated about 500 m away from Pestana Delfim, and 1 Km from Pestana Alvor Atlântico and Pestana Dom João II Hotel. Pestana Alvor Park clients can use all bars and restaurants of the others Pestana properties.


Pestana Alvor Park
Resort Info.

The Pestana Alvor Park opened in 2005 and is set in a prime location close to the beach and just a short stroll from the centre of the charming fishing village of Alvor. Although this ancient coastal village is now a very popular holiday location the enclosed narrow streets have kept development to a minimum. Many of these streets now boast bars with live music and different types of restaurants, however leading off from these there are still memories of the older fishing village. The village is well located facing a natural lagoon opening onto the sea. There is a choice of a long open sandy beach or a number of small coves tucked under the cliffs. The 16th Century Parish Church has a prime example in its main doorway of the great craftsmanship of the Manueline era of architecture.

General Manager
Mr. Jorge Ramos
Quinta do Ribeiro, 8501-904 Alvor
Pestana Alvor Park
Tel: +351 282000500
Fax: +351 282000598

Central Reservations Office, in Algarve - Portugal
Phone: +351 282 240 001
Fax: +351 282 414 473

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