Agent: No bonus was ever paid

21 May 2010
Paul Higgins

An undercover agent giving evidence against alleged dissident republicans yesterday denied getting paid bonuses. He was giving evidence at the Belfast Crown Court of three Co Armagh men charged in connection with a arms smuggling plot. The agent, known only as Amir, claimed he was paid between £200 and £300 for every day he worked.

Paul Anthony John McCaugherty, 43, from Beech Court, 44-year-old Desmond Paul Kearns, from Tannaghmore Green, both Lurgan, Co Armagh and Dermot Declan Gregory aka Michael Dermot Gregory, 41, from Concession Road in Crossmaglen, deny a total of eight charges.

The prosecution claim between August 2004 and June 2006, Kearns, acted as a go-between, McCaugherty handled the money and negotiated the deals, and Gregory handled a restaurant being used to raise funds for a terrorist group.


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