Culloville man accused of being an MI5 informer

4 May 2010
The Examiner
Brónagh Murphy

A Culloville man has been informed by police of a threat to his life amid allegations that he is an MI5 agent. It’s believed the PSNI visited Dermot Declan Gregory, of Concession Road, in recent days to advise him that his life is in danger.

Gregory - who is also known as Michael Dermot - is accused, along with Paul McCaugherty and Desmond Kearns from Lurgan, of attempting to procure arms from Europe for use by dissident republicans. The three were arrested in 2006.

Their trial was due to begin tomorrow (Tuesday) but now appears in doubt following claims made by Oglaigh na hEireann (ONH) in a statement to a national newspaper at the weekend. The group claims Gregory admitted that he has been operating as an MI5 informer for six years.

It also alleges that Gregory had been involved in a bomb-making operation with Cullyhanna man, Turlough McAllister, who, in February, was sentenced to 12 years for possession of explosives. McAllister’s father, Jim, says Gregory personally admitted his involvement with MI5 to him ‘several weeks ago’ but says the statement issued by ONH contains ‘several very serious inconsistencies’.

“From the moment Turlough was arrested I believed he was the victim of a set-up,” he said, adding that a ‘more sinister figure’ who lives in Dublin was behind Turlough’s involvement with Gregory and for some reason, is being protected.

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