Friends had 'house for RIRA guns'

27 May 2010
Ivan Little

An alleged dissident republican told a secret service agent that "friends" had bought a house in France to store guns bound for the Real IRA, a court heard yesterday. The agent known as "Ali" told Belfast Crown Court the claim came at a meeting in Belgium with Paul Anthony John McCaugherty one of three men accused of smuggling weapons to the country.

The witness also said McCaugherty mentioned a trailer in Spain which had been fitted with a false floor and lead plates to deflect scanners from finding hidden weapons. McCaugherty, of Beech Court, Desmond Paul Kearns, 44, from Tannaghmore Green, both Lurgan, and Dermot Declan Gregory, 41, from Concession Road in Crossmaglen, deny eight charges.

It's alleged McCaugherty also told Ali about a fraud pyramid scheme.

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