Witness had wanted a medal from the queen

12 May 2010
The Irish News

The Irish News revealed last October that M15 agent 'Amir' wanted £650,000 and a medal from the queen to give evidence in a Real IRA arms trail.

In a letter to MI5, revealed by The Irish News at the time, Amir's solicitor wrote: "I would invite you to agree to pay to my client the sum of £450,000 within 28 days in full and final settlement of his current claims. "Please also confirm that you will agree to a life contingency payment of £200,000." In later correspondence, Amir also demanded a £30,000 'retainer'.

Amir further claimed that MI5 had promised him a honour from the Queen, only to have it withdrawn after refusing to give evidence.

In an internal MI5 memo, his handlers wrote: "Amir raised the fact that he had been told by the (redacted) that an honour was long overdue and that he had 'definitely been put down for one and it had gone through various people and it is on the desk of somebody'."

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