Antiterror chief says Portugal "attractive" for terrorists

Antiterror chief says Portugal "attractive" for terrorists
14 July 2011
BBC Monitoring European

Excerpt from report by Portuguese newspaper Publico website on 9 July

[Lusa report: "Expert Says Portugal Becoming 'Attractive' for Terrorists"]

The president of the Observatory for Security and Terrorism stated today that Portugal's peripheral location makes it "attractive" for terrorist group operations.

"We are in a peripheral area and that is attractive. Not that we are less vigilant, but it is obvious that they (the terrorists) know that we do not have terrorism on the first page of our security agenda; still, there has been some international cooperation and our authorities have taken care to arrest those individuals and dismantle groups that have been established in our country," Jose Manuel Anes said.

The president of the Observatory for Security, Organized Crime, and Terrorism (OSCOT) referred in this manner to the arrest yesterday in Olhao [south of Portugal] of two potential members of a dissident group of the Irish Republican Army (IRA), the self-called Real IRA. [passage omitted]

Source: Publico website, Lisbon, in Portuguese 9 Jul 11

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